May 6, 2005

Russell Brown Comes Clean, Reveals All

In a shocking revelation, Russell Preston Brown, Sr. Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated and long time Photoshop Evangelist, has revealed that he is leaving the United States on Friday, May 6th, (today), 2005. He indicated that he would be going to Australia.

Before he leaves, Mr. Brown said in a phone call that he wanted to make a definitive statement regarding the “official story” behind Photoshop, its development by John and Thomas Knoll and exactly how it was acquired by Adobe Systems, Inc.

While the usual recorded history of Photoshop has been well documented, as in this PSN Feature Story by Jeff Schewe, Russell Brown said, “I know the real story, I was there at the meeting and there when the deal was actually done between John, Thomas and Fred Mitchell from Adobe. I just wanted to set the record straight before I leave”.

Rather than write an article or submit to an interview about this stunning revelation, Mr. Brown has chosen to leave behind a QuickTime movie that he personally recorded as a lasting statement regarding the “official story” behind the History of Photoshop.

This is Russell’s “official story” behind the History of Photoshop.

(Note: this is a 48MB QuickTime movie that will open and play in a new browser window. You will need to have QuickTime installed to watch the movie.)

With regards to Mr. Brown’s departure from the U.S. on Friday, he was uncharacteristically quiet. He indicated that he’ll spend some time in Australia before deciding where to go and what he’ll be doing in the future. He said that he has “enjoyed working and living here” but the time had come when he had to “go somewhere else and do something for a while”.

While there is a major trade show starting next week, Photo Imaging World 2005 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre May 13, 2005 – May 15, 2005, Russell has stated he doesn’t believe he’ll be there. However, here is a clue about where he’s going and what he’ll be doing.

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