Apr 25, 2005

Oops, we forgot the Friday Summary 04-22-2005

In all the excitement generated last week, we completely forgot to do a Friday Summary for April 22, 2005. So, our apologies, and here’s a 10 day look back at the news and information of interest to PhotoshopNews readers.

On Saturday, April 16th, Ian Lyons (PSN’s “Leprish Iricon”) posted a complete reference for Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw 3 – Shortcuts complete with Mac and Windows PDFs.

On Sunday, April 17th, PhotoshopNews broke the story about Thomas Knoll commenting about Nikon encrypts D2X white balance metadata.

Also on Sunday, a PSN reader asked What About Scripting? PSN answered the question with a short piece about the new Script Event Manager in Photoshop CS2.

On Monday, April 18th, the big news was that Adobe and Macromedia announced a $3.4 Billion Merger

Forbes offered comments by Bruce Chizen in Adobe Chizen Targets New Markets With Macromedia Deal

PSN posted a A Brief History of Macromedia.

PSN also posted a request for comments on the merger Macromedia + Adobe = What?

On Tuesday, April 19th, PhotoshopNews was /. (slashdott’ed) about the story on the Nikon White Balance Encryption. The post on slashdot caused a huge spike on the PSN servers.

On Wednesday, April 20th, PSN posted an article by Steve Upton entitled Metamerism – Friend or Foe?.

We also posted a story by Tom Fors (of Camera Raw Calibrator fame) What’s new in Photoshop CS2 Scripting

On Thursday, April 21, CNET reported the story Nikon’s Photo Encryption Reported Broken by David Coffin, author of dcraw.c an open source raw file processing program.

Also on Thursday, there was an update to an earlier story about a Nikon Capture promotion Nikon – “Where does Photoshop come in?” – UPDATE. PSN reported that the original page could not be found but did locate a Google cached version of the promo.

On Friday, April 22, PhotoshopNews posted a review and report by Michael Reichmann from The Luminous Landscape. The review, Adobe DNG – Are Raw Files Forever? was originally written in September of 2004 when DNG was first announced.

Also on Friday, PSN reported that Photoshop CS2 Ships and early buyers were starting to receive their packages.

On Friday, DPReview also posted a Nikon Advisory regarding the White Balance encryption story. PSN has the text of the release: Nikon Advisory – For Immediate Release.

On Saturday, April 23, 2005 a new web site was launched by the OpenRaw initiative. describes the site as being “created to give photographers and everybody interested in an open documentation of proprietary RAW formats a place to voice their opinion and to encourage camera makers to openly document their proprietary RAW formats”.

On Sunday, April 24th, the San Francisco Chronicle posted an interview with Adobe’s CEO, Bruce Chizen.

Also on Sunday, PSN posted a page, Information about Adobe DNG to help readers find more information about Adobe’s proposed raw file format standard, DNG–the Digital Negative Specification.

This is the week (+ 2 days) that was. . .April 16-24, 2005.

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