Apr 21, 2005

New ProfileMaker 5 Publish Plus from GretagMacbeth

UPDATE: PM5 Publish Plus now shipping.
Press Release: Regensdorf, Switzerland, New Windsor, New York – March 24, 2005 –GretagMacbeth, the worldwide technology leader in color management solutions, extends its award winning ProfileMaker 5 solution family with PM5 Publish Plus, a new color management solution for CMYK-based multi-color printing. The growing demands of print professionals producing CMYK-based multi-color output require accurate, predictable color reproduction within a simplified workflow. PM5 Publish Plus is the only solution that addresses these needs, enabling print professionals to achieve exceptional quality results in a fraction of the time.

Managing color in a multi-color workflow involves more than simply profiling an output device. To be effective and efficient, it must also address two of the biggest hurdles in CMYK+N workflows – the separation process and soft / hard proofing requirements. PM5 Publish Plus addresses these two issues with unique Photoshop® plug-ins, providing print professionals with reliable color communication from concept to final production, with accelerated time-to-market, while significantly decreasing costs.

PM5 Publish Plus is targeted to meet the requirements of LFP, Digital, Analog and Textile printers that need to effectively color manage gamut extending CMYK+N devices. PM5 Publish Plus builds upon PM5 Publish with a sophisticated CMYK+N ICC profile generation up to ten channels. Once users have created their CMYK+N profile in PM5 Publish Plus, they are able to edit and soft-proof their images in Photoshop, create a multi-color separation with an automated single click and output their image using the PM5 MultiColor Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop®. In addition to speeding up and simplifying the separation process, users can now achieve excellent color results with only one iteration. This represents a substantial time and materials savings versus current workflows that typically require 3 to 5 cycles of image editing, creating separations and printing.

The unique multi-color profiling technology in PM5 Publish Plus ensures vibrant, high quality color images, while optimizing ink consumption. The sophisticated CMYK+N ICC profile generation algorithm allows users to supplement the CMYK channels with up to 6 additional spot colors without any restriction. In addition, users have the ability to adjust several very important parameters during profile generation – including ink consumption, ink priorities and metamerism stability. The minimize ink option saves precious consumables by minimizing ink consumption without changing the appearance (e.g. up to 11% ink saving for a typical inkjet Hexachrome® printer). The ink priorities option ensures the best possible results by allowing the user to intuitively assign ink priorities that individually strengthen and weaken channels within a multi-color separation. For packaging and applications where the best possible color rendition under different lighting conditions is required, the metamerism stability option allows users to select two light sources for matching.

The PM5 Plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop® simplify and streamline the proofing and separation process by integrating ICC color management tools into a multi-color workflow. The Separation Plug-in allows users to create multi-color separations of LAB, RGB and CMYK images with a single click. The Proofing Plug-in enables both soft-proofing on the monitor, as well as hard-proofing on RGB, CMYK or CMYK+X proofers without the need for further color management adjustments.

“ProfileMaker 5 software solutions are acknowledged as ‘the color management solutions of choice’ by color experts in publishing and high-end imaging environments worldwide,” said Iris Mangelschots, VP and GM of Digital Imaging at GretagMacbeth. “The new PM5 Publish Plus solution is perfect for CMYK-based multi-color printing, including high-end large format printing, textile digital printing and digital printing for print, textile and packaging. Unparalleled new workflow tools and capabilities show GretagMacbeth’s continuous commitment to delivering solutions that provide high quality results while reducing production costs by simplifying and streamlining the entire workflow.”

PM5 Publish Plus includes monitor, scanner, RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome®, CMYK+Red/Blue, CMYK+Red/Green and multi-color (CMYK+N) profiling, a ProfileEditor for editing and fine tuning profiles by working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point and gradation curves, a MeasureTool for collecting and analyzing color data, a ColorPicker for converting spot colors to process colors, as well as the PM5 MultiColor Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop. Additional modules can easily be added, giving users the flexibility to expand their package as their needs grow. It is available stand-alone or bundled with GretagMacbeth color measurement instruments.

PM5 Publish Plus software solution is now available through GretagMacbeth’s worldwide distribution network. PM5 MultiColor Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop are available as a free download from

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