Apr 19, 2005

In Apple, Microsoft OS’es, search is on

Source: CNET
Written By Ina Fried
Published: April 19, 2005

Do you have any idea where you saved your last file?

Both Microsoft and Apple Computer are betting the answer is no. And as a result their newest operating systems bear uncannily like-minded search tools.

In the next version of Windows, still in its early stages of development, and in the soon-to-be released new version of Mac OS X, users won’t have to know where a file is stored. Instead, both operating systems will have a search window in which people need only start typing what they remember–who created the file, what it’s called, or even words within the document itself. Results begin appearing instantly, and the early matches are ruled out as a user continues entering information.

“Clearly both companies understand that the classic desktop metaphor, which is 20 years old, really doesn’t scale well when you have lots of information,” Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said.

What’s new:
As more details emerge about Longhorn, Microsoft’s next version of Windows, similarities can be seen between it and Apple’s Mac OS X.

Bottom line:
Both Longhorn and Tiger, the newest version of OS X, are focusing heavily on desktop search, which users will employ to find documents stored on their hard drive. Other likenesses between the new Windows and various versions of OS X include see-through windows and similar icons. As to who stole whose search idea, both companies are doing their fair share of finger-pointing.

And judging from other similarities, that’s not the only understanding the companies share.

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