Apr 18, 2005

Macromedia + Adobe = What?


There is a lot of buzz all across the net about THE MERGER. With only a few hours to digest the news, it’s premature to speculate about the long term impact–but it sure is interesting.

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19 Responses to “Macromedia + Adobe = What?”

  1. kieran Says:

    I suppose one major area of interaction would be Flash and After Effects. I know a lot of After Effects users would love to see Flash’s interface rationalised along the same lines as AE. There’s also more potential for overlap with the increasing use of flash for video delivery to the web and for animation in general. It’s unlikely that they would combine the two, but a degree of cross-pollination would be very welcome.

  2. Bob Roberts Says:

    This is definitely interesting as an option of helping keep Microsoft’s force at bay. But, let’s not forget that Adobe is its own worst enemy. They tanked PageMaker and GoLive just to name a couple. Does this mean that FreeHand is next? Being neither a FreeHand nor an Illustrator user will Adobe terminate the correct program? If Adobe learns from past mistakes they just might have a chance. I’m pulling for Adobe but Microsoft always seems to win with inferior products.

  3. Ian Says:

    I’m not so sure about the merger. The companies both seem to have very different approaches to their products and philosophies. I use and love products from both companies, but they just don’t seem like a good fit. Then again, I’ve been fairly disillusioned with Macromedia since they decided to alienate their casual users and make their products and services a “subscription” that only pros could afford. In that sense, Adobe could provide some good direction. Also, I think Adobe’s quality control (read: product testing) is much more thorough, which would also benefit Macromedia. I just hope Macromedia doesn’t lose it’s creative, “bleeding edge” attitude with new products. My only other concern is what the lack of competition (Ok, they don’t compete eye-to-eye on everything) will do. Without the companies pushing each other, they might lose their edge.

    Regardless of what happens, it should be interesting to watch, as mergers always are…

  4. Scott Scholtens Says:

    Personally, I am curious what will happen with Director. Not because I use Director myself. Instead, I wonder what will eventually happen to all the “apps” like PhotoJunction or YSI that are based on Director. If, for whatever reason, Adobe drops support/development of the program for one or more platforms, these companies could lose a large chunk (or all) of their installed base. The only choice for them would be to recode the entire app without using Director. Am I wrong in think this? Can someone more “in-the-know” fact check me? If I am correct,I would like to start preparing my ‘Plan B’ NOW, in case, in the future, I need to switch programs for laying out albums.

  5. Adelberger Says:

    I see a marketing problem with CS2 because a lot of creatives are fearing to invest in products which are not continued any more. For example in the German User to User of Adobe some ask if it is usefull ton invest in CS2.
    I think therefore Adobe should make clear which plans they have otherwise the folk will wait before they upgrade to CS2.

  6. Ryan Says:

    I don’t like it.

  7. Paresh P Says:

    I have ‘mixed’ reactions about this…

    Adobe an Macromedia are both major players in the Digital Media…
    However, both have a unique image of their own in specialed arenas of the media…
    i.e. they hardly stand as competetion even now (except maybe wrt Dreamweaver vs. GoLive)…

    IMHO, two sides of the coin are:
    GOOD Part:
    Consumers shall have the most comprehensive market leading poineering digi-media solutions from one provider (think photoshop+dreamweaver+premiere+fireworks+…)
    Cross Product Integration is a possibility…

    Now for the BAD Part:
    I am not sure how the employees would react to the merger (clashing egos et al) and what impact would this have on Creative Development…
    Policy Amendments in the Creative Arenas may Cripple Developers who are used to a certain environment and culture of work…
    Also, how would Consumers react to a ‘co-Branded’ Product in an arena where the two giants’ portfolios (now)overlap?!… The thing i am talking about is, now MM Dreamworks and Adobe GoLive are both pioneering products with individually having a huge following… If Adobe and MM were to introduce a new WYSIWYG Web Development Program that would phase out both, they Risk losing both Products’ Consumers as a user of one hates the other’s Interface and would definitely not like a mix-n-match Interface… What’s the use if the same organisatoin still brings out rivalling no.1 and no.2 softwares?! Revenues? Yes; but, how has the merger made things different?! No Co-Development here!?…
    Also, in certain arenas, one of them is a monopolist (with regards to excellence in the field) of sorts while the other is nowhere; for eg., would Photoshop Developers like have other MM Developers in the Imaging App department work with them ?!… What help would Adobe development provide in Flash development!?…

    I see no major WIN-WIN for this to happen…
    (it’s more like there is no one piece that fits into other when you think of these two co.s…)

  8. Jason Says:

    I see a dying Fireworks…

  9. John Waller Says:

    1) The pedant in me is forced to point out that it’s not a MERGER – Adobe is ACQUIRING (buying via stocks) Macromedia.

    2) I see Fireworks, FreeHand, GoLive (hopefully) & ImageReady going to software heaven.

    3) I fear for the future of ColdFusion and Homesite. Will Adobe know what to do with these?

    4) I see Creative Suite CS3: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat with full integration across the suite between these apps. What a combination!

  10. Palmer Says:

    Macrobe will be a lot further along if it listens patiently to its core users. If they can put aside differences and let real world workflow be the top priority, they will make a lot of dreams come true for designers.

    By putting together the brightest developers on both teams, Macrobe won’t have to worry about Microsoft becuse they will simply outpace them.
    A lot to be happy about!

  11. Claudio Says:

    Adobe and Macromedia: bad news for online tools

  12. Lasse Nielsen Says:

    I like it.
    “Adobe Dreamweaver MX”. Hehe. as said, I like it. Just like Paresh P said:
    “Consumers shall have the most comprehensive market leading poineering digi-media solutions from one provider (think photoshop+dreamweaver+premiere+fireworks+…)
    Cross Product Integration is a possibility”

  13. Thomas Says:

    hope we will get the best of all – not killing dreamweaver and must use golive…
    I think flash, director will survive, don’t know if freehand does…

  14. Ammar Midani Says:

    Now i know why there wasn’t too much mentioned on Image Ready CS2, are we going to miss it?
    In Adition i think Acrobat and PDF format played a major role in this competetion. I just hope cool tools ahead, but man this is big.


  15. Ammar Midani Says:

    Now i know why there wasn’t too much mentioned on Image Ready CS2, are we going to miss it?
    In Adition i think Acrobat and PDF format played a major role in this competetion. I just hope cool tools ahead, but man this is big.


  16. Tim Wilson Says:

    I think it’s significant that it’s being parsed more as an aquisition and less as a merger. In my opinion, (and this is probably obvious) the main effect will be to give Adobe a deeper position in web development, adding Flash, ColdFusion, and a bunch of backend and content management technologies. Right now GoLive attracts web developers who work heavily with PS/ImageReady and Illustrator (like designers with print backgrounds) whereas Dreamweaver has the advantage if you’re integrating with Flash and ColdFusion. It seems likely to me that Adobe will eventually integrate all that into one great product.

    I think we could see multiple Adobe-branded CS-style bundles targeted at different media authoring groups, all under the “creative” umbrella. Imagine “Creative Suite Web”: Photoshop/ImageReady/DreamLive/Illustrator/Flash/ColdFusion all working together with Bridge and VersionCue. Could be pretty cool.

    Also, with Apple coming on strong in the Production market, The Macromedia acquisition gives Adobe another growth path, should they start to lose ground in video and motion graphics.

  17. Richard Weisgrau Says:

    Here’s one thing I’d like to see Adobe/Macromedia work on in the future.

    I have written two books, and I am just finishing a third. I have to prepare the manuscripts with MS Word, because the business world uses it – and that includes my publisher. I have not only become critical of Word but also to nearly hate the program. Interestingly, when the manuscript goes into page makeup for production it is converted to an Adobe PDF file ready for the press. So it ends up that the final prepress format is Adobe. It would be a great benefit to writers and print and electronic publishers, if Adobe did produce a word processor to compete with Word and that was fully integrated total font and other compatibilities.

  18. Julia Sutton Says:

    Isn’t that true, Richard? As an in-house designer surrounded by pc-heads, I am constantly forced to convert to lower-grade programs (Word, et al) so that my colleagues can utilize my work. If Macrobe (love that!) would include a doc program that could convert along the Illustrator export lines, what a kick that would be!

    But, what does this really say about Macrobe? As an owner of both the CS & MX suites, I don’t see these two as competetive. I use them for entirely different media. I would hate to see either set suffer… but anything setting ms on it’s buttocks works for me!


  19. Don Zevchek Says:

    Either Dreamweaver or GoLive will be discontinued.
    Not good for all those users.

    - Don Z.

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