Apr 18, 2005

A Brief History of Macromedia

Macromedia, was formed through the merger of three small software companies: Macromind, Paracomp, and Authorware. Macromind was most well known for Director (see the “Unofficial Brief History of Director“). Many Director customers created 3D renderings and animations using Paracomp’s Swivel3D, designed for photorealistic 3D graphics and true color output for illustration, product design, graphic design and animation. The two companies saw a synergy in their products and formed Macromind Paracomp in late 1990. Soon thereafter, Macromind Paracomp merged with Authorware to form Macromedia in 1991.

Macromedia aquired Aldus Freehand from Altsys, as a required divestiture returned Freehand rights to Altsys as a result of the merger of Aldus and Adobe in 1995.

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