Apr 15, 2005

Does the OS Still Matter for Graphics Pros?

Opinion: Apple’s Tiger delivers solid features, but the system is less of a factor if the software compensates for OS weaknesses.

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Written By Andreas Pfeiffer
April 14, 2005

Now that Apple has officially announced a launch date for its latest operating system release—and, in something of an industry first, a date which falls a month or two before the initially predicted availability—it is time to have a look at the operating systems market for professional design and publishing.

There is no large-scale quantitative market data available for publishing markets on an international scale, although it is quite clear that Apple is still by far the predominant player, despite some market erosion in the last year.

According to the research conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting (which is qualitative and not quantitative in nature) Apple holds anywhere between 65 and 85 percent of market share depending on market niche.

Predictions of Apple’s demise in its core market have been around for as long as the two platforms have existed. Windows 95, then Windows 2000, followed by Windows XP—each were expected to wrench market dominance of publishing away from Apple. Nothing of the kind has happened so far, despite Microsoft’s improvements on some key problem areas for Windows regarding font and color management issues.

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