Apr 15, 2005

Caption This: Reader Responses

Source: Sports Illustrated
Friday April 15, 2005

On the Sports Illustrated web site in the SCORECARD daily, SI runs a daily “Caption This” feature that encourages readers to post captions to the SI posted photograph. One caption caught the PSN Editor’s notice:

“Trying to fake their support, these three photoshop themselves into a shot of the last surviving person who was actually alive the last time the Cubs won a pennant.”
— Ross, Orangevale, Calif.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As long time (and long suffering) Chicago Cubs fans, the Editors of PhotoshopNews didn’t find that caption very funny. Well, ok, we did, but it’s just a little too close to being true.

Read the entire article
(as well as other pot shots at our poor Cubbies)

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3 Responses to “Caption This: Reader Responses”

  1. Mike Skurski Says:

    That is funny, but sad too! Wait, I think that guy is my neighbor?

  2. Rhonda Cova Says:

    I’m sure Adobe had a fit seeing their Trademark product name used as a verb! It’ll end up like “aspirin” “kleenex” and “xerox” someday, if not already…

  3. David Plummer Says:

    “Sit still kids, we’ll clone the rest of the crowd in later.”

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