Apr 11, 2005

Shooting in the RAW

On news stands this month: Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe team up to write an authoritative cover article for the April/May issue of Photoshop User magazine. The six page article, Shooting in the RAW–the naked truth about advanced Camera Raw talks about controlling all the editing power and flexibility of Camera Raw without over-cooking your brain.

“Many photographers have come to enjoy the enormous flexibility that RAW provides over JPEG. When shooting RAW, the image is wide open for interpretation–a simple yank of some controls makes a vast difference to the rendering of your image.

But what are you supposed to pull and how do you decide what your image is supposed to look like?” –Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe

They continue: “A key point to recognize is that Camera Raw’s default settings are simply one very arbitrary interpretation of the raw capture. The defaults are far from sacred—when he started designing Camera Raw, Thomas Knoll had to start somewhere, and that somewhere is just a one-size-fits-all collection of settings that he fully expects photographers to alter to their own taste. If you just use Camera Raw on default settings to get images into Photoshop, you’re missing (no pun intended) the bigger picture. You are creating a lot of unnecessary Photoshop work, and very likely not getting everything your camera can deliver. The controls in Camera Raw are there for a reason, and failing to use them is like driving a Ferrari in first gear all the time. Effective use of Camera Raw not only saves you a great deal of Photoshop work (Jeff likes to say that Photoshop is a plug-in for Camera Raw, and he isn’t entirely joking), but also lets you optimize your images in ways that just aren’t possible with post-conversion operations in Photoshop.”

NAPP members may also download Using Camera Raw to Dual Process images for Ulimate Optimizations which shows two tutorials using this “dual-process” technique. For Members Only

. . .we also feel very fortunate to have two of the industry’s leading Photoshop experts gracing the pages of Photoshop User for the first time ever: Jeff Schewe and Bruce Fraser team up for our cover story on Advanced Camera Raw techniques. I don’t think there are two people on the planet more qualified to write on this topic than Jeff and Bruce and together they uncover the hidden power that lies beneath the surface of this amazing tool for processing RAW images
–Scott Kelby, NAPP President/Editor in Chief

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