Apr 10, 2005

What’s old is new again

Source: The News & Advance
By Zack Smith

Phillip Whitt had a problem. His wife had a photograph of her and her brother that had badly faded. By playing around with Adobe Photoshop, he managed to fix the picture, restoring it to its original appearance.

Whitt was intrigued, and soon found he was tinkering with photos every day.

“I got hooked,” he said.

(It’s interesting to note that Photoshop stories are getting into even small town newspaper stories.–PSN Editor)

In 2000, Whitt started a full-time photo-restoration service, Whitt’s Photo Restoration.

The business specializes in restoring faded, damaged or even burned photographs. In addition, Whitt does services for people looking to transfer old home movies from video or film onto DVD.

Whitt does most of his business through Lynchburg Camera Shop Inc. and Photographic Services Inc., along with direct appointments.

He said he spends about three hours on each photo he processes, though more complicated efforts can take longer.

“It’s not unusual to find me up at one in the morning still tinkering with something,” Whitt said.

The photos Whitt works on are often several decades old.

“I get some that are from the 1940s or 1950s, and even some from the 1890s,” he said. “The most difficult ones to restore are the ones that are in several pieces, or old Koda-Cover prints, which take on a really orange-stained look.”

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