Apr 10, 2005

D-65 now teaching CS2

Press Release: Did you think Photoshop CS was too sloooow. Did the File Browser take forever to load your thumbnails? Were you using a bunch of different applications just to process your files? Do you have a need for speeeed? Well, Photoshop CS2 will accelerate your workflow. The old File Browser has matured, becoming an elegant and sophisticated separate application called Adobe Bridge which bridges the gap in workflow. It acts seamlessly with CS2 and other Adobe applications. In conjunction with Camera Raw 3, raw processing workflow has been completely re-tuned allowing work to really flow, enhancing digital processing, file management and generally reducing time while improving quality. Speed is fundamental for workflow and CS2 is all about SPEED.

Digital imaging today mandates correct file preparation. Digital photographers now have the additional job of being “The Lab” and processing their files. D-65 will teach you how to automate and custom process your files to spec for your client, stock agency and yourself, all different, and all at the same time using advanced actions. You will create files perfect for reproduction; tagged, named, sized and sharpened correctly with metadata, keywords, organized and archived with a press of a button. The workshop will not only educate you, making you a better digital photographer, but will give you the tools to educate your clients, allowing you to both work together as a team.

D-65 coming to a city near you.

Our workshop goes far beyond the basics of digital and truly prepares the professional photographer or advanced amateur to capture, process, deliver and output. Best of all, you don’t only learn, you participate. This four day, hands on, intensive workshop taught by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer will cover all aspects of digital including:

* Adobe Photoshop CS & CS2
* Camera Raw 3.0
* Adobe Bridge
* Exposing for Digital
* Processing Files
* Digital Negative (.dng)
* Color Management From Input to Output
* White Balance
* Creating Actions to Automate Digital Processing
* Customized Scripting
* File Naming Conventions
* Metadata including EXIF and XMP
* Sharpening: Capture, Creative and Output
* Upsizing & Downsizing
* Copyright and Security
* Archiving & Storage
* Digital Delivery: Web Photo Galleries & Customized Presentations
* Printing, Soft Proofing & ICC Profiles
* Converting to CMYK
* Display Profiling
* Retouching for Digital
* The Business of Digital
* Digital Camera Maintenance

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