Apr 6, 2005

Photoshop CS2 Improves Handling in Raw Format

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By Edmund Ronald

Review: A photographer can adjust Raw images individually or batch-process them in the background.

EDITOR’S NOTE:’s Edmund Ronald will be offering a series of close-up looks at different aspects of the forthcoming Photoshop CS2, which Adobe Systems Inc. is shipping next month as part of its new Creative Suite 2. This initial installment focuses on Adobe Camera Raw 3.

In effect, the Creative Suite is a total environment for many of its users. CS2 is a city, even a metropolis.

Rather than attempt a judgmental review, I choose to describe the features of CS2 in the form of a travelogue.

A general overview of newly inaugurated construction in the Photoshop neighborhood is provided by city hall at

However, some readers may choose to stay with me, day by day, for my arty tour with French subtitles.

Thanks for staying with this bus. The main point of entry to Photoshop CS is now the Adobe Bridge, which is a much-upgraded browser that has morphed into a standalone app.

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