Apr 5, 2005

Adobe Touts Multipublishing at CS2 Launch

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By Jami Attenberg
April 4, 2005

NEW YORK—Kicking off the Adobe Ideas Conference here on Monday, Adobe Systems CEO Bruce Chizen and Shatanu Narayen, the company’s president and chief operating officer, focused on seamlessness and flow as conduits of creativity.

While Chizen highlighted the ever-changing opportunities and needs in cross-platform publishing, Narayen explained how Adobe researchers are examining and exploring those challenges.

He presented the company’s upcoming ideas as well as the release of the highly anticipated Adobe Creative Suite 2, which features upgrades to all of its applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive and Acrobat.

“There’s never been a greater opportunity for designers to put their ideas to work in provocative and intriguing ways than right now,” Chizen said, citing statistics ranging from the 22.8 billion text messages sent in 2004 to the 75 billion e-mails exchanged each day.

“More than just making the right artistic choices, you have to put that power to work to solve business problems and communicate essential concepts, which has you participating at the strategic level with your colleagues and clients.”

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