Apr 5, 2005

Deke Leaves Wiley and the Bible

After 12 years of writing the Photoshop Bible, Deke McClelland is parting company with publishing company Wiley. He will no longer be the author of this best selling book as of Adobe Photoshop CS2. It is possible that the book will still use some of his information from past editions and could even attribute his name, but Deke hopes that they don’t want to use his name for the next edition.

When asked why he is leaving, Deke mentioned deadline and production issues – Wiley would ask for the book to be written in 6-8 weeks but take 3-4 months to print it. He also said there were ultimatums that brought about a lot of dissention.

Deke said the “time has come to an end – it’s time to move on.” He was tired of having no control over printing and disappointments in paper and printing quality. He says the “hardest thing to do is leave a cash cow”. But this isn’t about the royalty rate or advances, this is just over control and quality.

“This will be the biggest Photoshop update in 5 years”. He felt the deadline and lack of control over the book made it difficult to achieve the quality he wanted.

The new author will be Laurie Ulrich Fuller, listed as co-author of Photoshop Bible, Professional Edition–and he wishes her the best.

What is his plan for the future? Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One is doing well under O’Reilly & Associates. He credits them with being supportive and doing a really beautiful job on the book. There is also the video associated with the book that is doing well.

He said would like to “create a Photoshop Bible killer”. He is not, however, advocating boycotting the Photoshop Bible.

Deke appreciates his fans for buying and reading the Photoshop Bible in the past and for coming and listening to him speak. At this time he just wants “to do something better”.

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