Apr 1, 2005

Why PhotoshopNews?

Why PhotoshopNews?

Because Tiny Elvis thought it would be a good idea, and darn if he wasn’t right. As to who Tiny Elvis is, well, that’s an inside joke–the origins of which will be revealed in the not too distant future. . .

Photoshop or more correctly, Adobe® Photoshop® (Adobe Legal takes these things kinda personally) is both a “mildly decent paint program” while at the same time, a cultural phenomena. On one hand it’s just a commercial software product and on the other hand, it’s a way of life for so many people doing so many different things all over the world.

Whether you are a designer, a photographer, a prepress pro or a web geek, Photoshop is where you spend an inordinate amount of time every day. If you are a Photoshop engineer or Photoshop book author or Photoshop Guru, you eat, drink, sleep and (well, you get the picture) Photoshop. Even if you are a recreational user of Photoshop, you still have a lot of time invested in the Photoshop environment.

If you fit any of the above categories, then PhotoshopNews is for you. We want to share what we know with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it. We do this to feed the passion–and we have a lot of passion about Photoshop.

Who are we?

Several years ago, under the stewardship of a fellow named Herb Paynter, several leading Photoshop experts were invited to attend a weekend retreat in Big Canoe, GA. Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Andrew Rodney, Mike Skurski and I got together to talk about working together to develop a product. During the course of several days some interesting things developed–in addition to brain storming some pretty cool stuff, we developed a bond of brotherhood. A brotherhood revolving around Photoshop. But the kinship was not limited to just Photoshop, we actually started to like each other. . .

That initial meeting and the plans for that company didn’t pan out, but our relationship persisted and with the addition of Seth Resnick we decided to create a company of sorts. In December, 2001 during a wine filled haze at my studio, PixelGenius was formed. Starting on a shoestring, a small one, we all decided to work together to do some software-something that would run in our favorite application–Photoshop.

What we want to do.

Aside from the obvious, we want PhotoshopNews to be a place to come visit and hang out. To read interesting stories and gather useful news and information-all about Photoshop.

Due to the, uh, tiny leak that the good ship Adobe sprung last weekend (see the news item) it’s a not very well-kept secret that “something big” is gonna happen next Monday, April 4th, 2005. Something that should be of interest to users of Photoshop. So, on Monday, tune in while your fearless leader (me), our managing editor (Becky) and Seth cover the Adobe idea conference, LIVE FROM NEW YORK. . .

We’ll be blogging the event live with news, interviews and pictures from the event. Our live page will be set up to auto-update every five minutes so you can check in throughout the day to see what happens-yeah, like there’s anybody that doesn’t know what’s gonna happen?


And, before you ask, no, we won’t be pulling any April Fool’s day jokes on you. Maybe next year. The Friday launch date was selected because we wanted the site to go live before we went to New York. It’s pure coincidence that it happens to fall on April 1st.

So, browse through the current content and see what there is to see. Come back Monday for some additional news (hint-hint, nudge-nudge-say no more. A wink’s as good as a nod to a blind man.). If you like what you see, come back an visit us often. If you have any thoughts or comments, drop us a line at the Contact Page. We’ll try to answer-just realize next week we’ll be busier than a one arm paper hanger. . .

Jeff Schewe

For additional information, check out the About PhotoshopNews link.

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