Apr 1, 2005

Whose trademark is it?

In an email from friend Pedro Meyer, publisher of ZoneZero a web site dedicated to digital photography, he writes to PhotoshopNews:

“Dear JEFF!
Someone did a fantastic job…. Congratulations…it’s clean, easy to understand, to the point, practical, necessary, good design. WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed it. BTW… maybe someone at Adobe may want to take Kodak to task, with all the bill boards all over Calcutta in India, surely misusing the copyrights by Adobe on the Photoshop trademark.

Or has their trademark expired? in which case that is really big news!
Worthy of PhotoshopNews

Best regards
Pedro Meyer”

Here’s the photo from Pedro


Notice the Kodak logo? Notice the PHOTOSHOP word?

Here’s a detail, turned 90 clockwise

So, maybe the laws are different in Calcutta?

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