Apr 1, 2005

Patrick has ‘Extreme’ heart – Fact

Source: White Country News & Telegraph
Article by Carolyn Mathews

From a story about The TV show Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, it seems show host Ty Pennington had an emergency appendectomy during taping and his chest X-rays were turned into some Photoshop art.

“It was stunning, totally swank,” Patrick said of the new home. “Hardwood floor, fiber-optic lighting, everything.” Patrick said most of the material and work on the project are donated by contractors, furniture supply and building supply stores. During the design of Mister’s room, the design staff turned show host Ty Pennington’s emergency appendectomy during the week into a source of materials for the young doctor-to-be’s room – Ty’s chest X-rays were used to create a pattern for the wallpaper in the room.

“They used Photoshop to make a repeat pattern of the X-rays and then sent them to Chicago to a custom wallpaper shop. The wallpaper was printed and overnighted in,” Patrick said. He said the paper turned out brighter than the design crew expected, with lots of primary colors, so he designed the heart he made using bright colors also. A light board used to view X-rays became the headboard for Mister’s new bed.”

[editor's note: apparently, they didn't know how to use Photoshop's soft proofing-typical, things turn out "different than expected"]

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