Mar 30, 2005

Photoshop CS2 leak causes confusion

Source: DPReview

In a forum thread that started on Monday, March 28th, 2005 (see original thread) a forum member stated he was a beta tester and appeared to violate his NDA by discussing aspects of Photoshop CS2 that were not revealed in the original leak of the Photoshop CS2 press release.

The poster said “The real bummer here is the anti-piracy Activation. You cannot install it on more than one computer. If you have a desktop and laptop computer you must Activate and Deactivate the software each time you want to use it. There is no getting around it, I’ve tried. It will stop people from pirating it because it must ping Adobe in order to work, and it does log your IP address (but no other information)…” (see original message)

This statement was refuted by several other posters including Thomas Knoll who wrote: “You are basing your rant on rumors. Calm down and wait for the official word from Adobe.”

It was later confirmed that the apparent problems the poster had with his alleged beta was a bug and not intended behavior. While Photoshop CS2 will apparently have activation on both Macintosh and Windows (Photoshop CS had activation on Windows only) users are allowed to install and activate two installations of Photoshop CS2–the primary install and the secondary install. As long as you don’t use them at the same time.

The main thread was a hot thread on DPReviews home page and soon hit the maximum post limit of 150 posts on the thread.

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