Mar 14, 2005

RAW Developer 1.2.1 has been released.

Source: Iridient Digital

RAW Developer 1.2.1 has been released. Support for Adobe DNG files was added in version 1.2.

We promised you it was a very high priority, support for the Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D/Kiss N) has now been added! Also includes some fixes for issues with the Minolta 7D and white balance improvements for the Epson R-D1, Pentax *ist D and Nikon E8400/E8700/E8800. A big thanks to everyone who sent in sample RAW files!

Preview rendering speed has been GREATLY improved. For example on a 1.3GHz G4 an 8 megapixel image preview update has dropped from nearly 3 seconds to less than 1 second. You’ll see identical performance (updates in less than 1 second) with images as large as 22 megapixels and at any preview size/scale. On G5 systems preview updates occur nearly instantly.

Image loading speed for many cameras has been improved as well. Depending on the camera model image loading time has been reduced by as much as 25%.

Improvements have been made to our demosaic algorithm to reduce moire and noise while still retaining outstanding fine detail performance.

Expanded EXIF meta data support and an all new information window for detailed display of image file and EXIF information.

Improved “As-Shot” white balance determination for several cameras including all recent Canon’s with CR2 format files and several Minolta models as well.

Improved support for auto rotation of images. Thumbnails as well as the main image are now automatically rotated for all cameras that provide orientation information.

Overall memory usage has been reduced.

Support for Adobe DNG files has been added as well as native support for many additional cameras including the Nikon D2X, Nikon E8400, Epson R-D1, Leaf Valeo (now all 11, 17 and 22 megapixel models), Leaf Volare, Imacon Ixpress (now both 16 and 22 megapixel models), Fuji S3Pro, Olympus C70Z/C7000Z, Minolta DiMAGE A200, Minolta DYNAX/MAXXUM 7D, Pentax Optio 33WR and Casio Exilim Pro 700.

About RAW Developer:
RAW Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed specifically for Mac OS X. RAW Developer gives advanced photographers total control over every aspect of their digital camera’s output, yet still provides easy drag and drop conversion convenience and access to basic adjustments for the casual user. Thanks in large part to Dave Coffin’s work on the open source RAW decoding program dcraw, RAW developer is able to support files from over 100 digital camera models.

RAW Developer Feature Highlights:
Fast, High Quality Image Previews

RAW Developer 1.2 features greatly improved image preview speed and faster image loading as well. All image adjustment preview updates now occur in near real-time (less than 1 second on 1GHz G4 systems) regardless of native image resolution and image window preview size/scale.

High Quality, 16 bit per channel (48bit RGB) Image Processing

High quality image interpolation alogorithms give excellent image detail with minimal demosaicing artifacts. All image processing operations are performed at 16 bits per channel or greater. RAW Developer 1.2 features improved demosaic preformance with reduced moire and noise while retaining outstanding fine image detail.

Advanced Sharpening and Noise Reduction Algorithms
RAW Developer offers two sharpening methods, including unsharp mask, both operate exclusively on the lightness channel in Lab color space to avoid color artifacts. Powerful hot/dead pixel filters and noise reduction algorithms help eliminate noise, especially from images taken with long exposures or high ISO settings.

Image File and EXIF Information Window
RAW Developer 1.2 now offers a meta data information window which displays detailed image file and EXIF information.

Flexible Black And White Conversion Options
Flexible black and white conversion options including RGB channel mixer, Lab lightness, luma, desaturate, intensity and custom duotones.

Extensive Image Adjustment Options
You’re in total control of every step of the conversion process, multiple fully user editable tone curves, customizable color correction matrix, flexible ICC color matching options, exposure compensation, white balance, contrast, saturation and more.

ICC Color Management Support through ColorSync
Ability to specify camera or image specific input profiles, working space profiles for image adjustments and final image output profiles. At this time only RGB color spaces are supported.

Unlimited batch processing
You can continue making image adjustments while other images are converted in the background. Supports, easy drag and drop image conversion with flexible file naming options and support for multiple file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000 and more.

What You See Is What You Get
RAW developer allows you to view and make all image adjustments while viewing a full resolution, fully color managed, 16 bit per channel preview.

Support for EXIF Meta Data

EXIF meta data is supported when exporting to JPEG or TIFF image formats. Supported fields depend on camera model, but generally include shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, focal length, exposure mode, metering mode, flash information, camera make/model and date digitized.

Flexible Histogram View
Supports 256, 512 or an extra wide 1024 levels of detail. Viewing modes include RGB, individual R, G, B channels, all three colors at once, luminosity, hue and saturation.

Multithreaded and Velocity Engine (AltiVec) optimized
Takes full advantage of dual processor systems and the advanced capibilities of the PowerPC G4 and G5 processors. All image processing is handled by secondary threads so your work is never blocked waiting for processing to complete.

“Processing Disabled” Output Mode
Ability to bypass all image adjustments and all color matching operations for fast, high quality export of linear files intended for further processing with other image processing programs or RAW workflows. Also useful for creating non-color matched output for use in generating custom camera or scene profiles with ICC camera profiling software.

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