Mar 7, 2005

ADIM 8 Conference

ADIM 8: Calling all Superheros. . .

Join forces with your fearless peers at the eighth annual Art Directors Invitational Master Class ADIM 8, April 7-9, 2005 in Santa Monica, CA. Take your place among the assembly of top designers, illustrators, art directors, and photographers to learn about the latest creativity tools, tips, and techniques.

Learn, experiment, and network in a fun, stimulating, and creative environment during this mighty three-day instructional event. Leave inspired and ready to do YOUR part to make the world of design a better place for all. Check out: ADIM 8

Don’t miss the Adobe Photoshop Digital Photography Workshop, 9:00am–4:30pm, Wednesday, April 6, 2005 in Santa Monica, CA. This one-day seminar will reveal the mysteries of digital photography, with special focus on the art of working with Camera RAW files. Uncover the secrets of superhero photographers, with answers to any and all questions, on topics ranging from calibration and digital workflow to client presentations. Gape in awe at displays of the latest digital cameras, calibration equipment, and printers. We’re calling all high-end photographers who are looking to become digital, or digital photographers who want to learn more.

You’ve got more than enough spandex – now get the tools you need to tackle that next design challenge! This year, ADIM participants will have the opportunity to add power-packed design aids, software, books, and even hardware to their bag of tricks.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join the ADIM 8 League of Heroes!

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