Mar 2, 2005

Adobe Joins Open Source Movement

Adobe Systems Incorporated releases Adam and Eve UI software and C++ libraries to open source.

Adam and Eve are part of a larger software effort called the Adobe Source Libraries, or ASL, underway at the Adobe Software Technology Lab. The Abobe Souce Libraries (ASL) is covered by an open source library modeled after the MIT License.

Adobe Open Souce Web Site

ASL is the work of two Adobe software scientists, Sean Parent and Foster Brereton of the Adobe Software Technology Lab.

Sean Parent says: “As these libraries are incorporated into Adobe’s products, they will replace tens of thousands of lines of code with simple and short declarations,” Parent said. “The Eve layout engine has already saved Adobe millions of dollars in localization costs.

First, we want to give back to the wonderful open-source community which gives us so much,” Parent said about the decision to release the code to the open-source community. “Second, we are releasing ASL because we want these problems to be solved. We want to be able to see our designs turned into quality products.

We believe that technology that helps us build better products will make us a stronger company. We want to build Photoshop and Acrobat and not struggle with the small implementation details. And we realize the problem is far larger than us alone.”

In July 2004 Adobe also joined the Open Source Development Labs OSDL

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