Feb 26, 2005

The RAW Truth

Source: The Luminious Landscape
By Michael Tapes

Welcome to YAAARF! (Yet Another Article About RAW Format).

My passion for shooting RAW format began several years ago with the introduction of the Canon D30 into my life. Much to my surprise there was no software available that would allow an active photographer to reap the benefits of shooting RAW, which were known by very few. This lead to my co-developing YarcPlus, and of Chris Breeze offering BreezeBrowser, to fill the software void. Michael Reichmann and others spoke the unspeakable, that in fact the D30 when shot in RAW mode, was equal to and better than shooting film when the output was 8×10 or smaller.

Every day, I communicate with both pros and amateurs who have embraced the digital world and shoot JPEGS as standard practice. While many are successful shooters and business people in their own right, it pains me to think how much easier they could achieve equal, and in my opinion, superior results with less effort, by shooting RAW. I believe that there is an information gap and a fear factor about RAW that creates this disconnect. It is no secret that in my opinion it is mandatory practice to shoot RAW. I hope in this series of articles I can explain some truths that support my passionate belief.

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