Jan 15, 2005

The “Understanding Series”

There are a lot of really good web sites out there who’s primary focus is digital imaging. But one of the best from the standpoint of providing useful and understandable articles is The Luminous Landscape offered by Michael Reichmann.

Michael is not shy–he says of his web site: “The Luminous Landscape, the web’s most comprehensive site devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography using digital as well as traditional image processing techniques.”

It’s hard to argue with that statement because there is a wealth of information on Luminous Landscape. One of the sections called THE UNDERSTANDING SERIES provides definitive information to some important fundamental digital imaging and photographic subjects. Written by Michael and select additional authors, this series of articles really helps provide valuable information while being written in an accessible and readable style.

Printer Colour Management — the proper settings for using profiles
Raw Files — whether to choose to shoot in raw or JPG format, and why
Local Contrast Enhancement — a simple technique for improving print contrast
Contrast Masking — a simple Photoshop technique for opening shadow areas and reducing contrast
Digital USM — what is the Unsharp Mask and what does it do?
MTF Charts — what is MTF, and how to read lens charts?
Histograms — how to read the digital camera’s most useful exposure evaluation tool
Digital Sensor Cleaning — the why, how and tools required
Digital Workflow — suggested steps and settings to use when working with a digital SLR
Mirror Lock-Up — a technique for creating vibration-free sharp images
Medium Format — a primer on the jargon, and the equipment available
Depth of Field — a tutorial, including Hyperfocal Distance and the Circle of Confusion
Polarizers — a tutorial on how to use the most important filter for colour photography
Lens Contrast — an in-depth tutorial by Mike Johnston
Bokeh — an in depth technical explanation by Harold Merklinger
Bit Depth — a tutorial on hi-bit images and when and why to use them
Sharpness — a tutorial on resolution and acutance
Resolution — explores the basics of digital Input and Output
Camera Movements — the ins and outs of tilts and shifts
Colour Theory — academic colour theory applied to landscape photography
The DSLR Magnification Factor — removing the myths and misinformation
SLR Viewfinders — the variety and types of viewfinders found in various cameras
Exposure — the world’s 10 stop range. Why it’s so tough and how to handle it
Digital Blending — how to replace graduated ND filters and expand dynamic range
Panoramic Stitching — creating wide format panoramics using Photoshop

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