Jan 1, 2005

PhotoKit Sharpener “Highly Reccomended”

PixelGenius’s product PhotoKit Sharpener was rated “Highly Recommended” in the What Digital Camera Magazine 2004 awards for software in the January 2005 issue. Tied with IView Multimedia Pro, it was bested in the software catagory only by Photoshop CS which was named winner.

The magazine said: “A Photoshop plug-in that solves the perennial sharpening problem by doing it for you. A range of options allows you to choose the right sharpening effects for the type of image, and the final output. Indispensable.”

PixelGenius is a collaboration of industry leading experts:
Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Seth Resnick, Andrew Rodney, Jeff Schewe & Mike Skurski.

For more info, see the PixelGenius Web Site

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